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Coach Andreas Papakostas always evaluating, creating and inspiring goalkeepers.

Olympic GK Academy

How & Why

2 vhs gk tapes

Olympic GK Academy was already created in the mind of oGKa owner, Andreas Papakostas back in 2000. 

A strong outside back, Andreas decided to fill in as a Goalkeeper in High School when the team's goalkeeper was injured.  After having his 1st win and recognition from his teammates, the Goalkeeper Journey began.  Andreas Papakostas was a self taught Goalkeeper.  He was not aware of any "Goalkeeper Camps & Clinics".  He purchased VHS tapes to train himself (see below). After winning state championship his senior year at Mather High School, playing soccer at a higher level was a must.  After playing 4 years at IBC as a goalkeeper, he played Semi-Pro with Kefaliniakos in Chicago as the starting Goalkeeper winning several championships.  He wanted to fulfill his dream like most players and make it professionally, in Greece. 

After several tryouts with 1st Division teams, Iraklis, Panaxaiki, Apollon Athena & 2nd Division Team Argos, Andreas Papakostas was presented with a 2 year contract to play for Panaxaiki in Patra Greece in 1995.  

"What i truly believe that helped me more than my skills was my unwaivering belief, crystal clear vision and burning desire.  No one out-trained me.  If i can get to the professional level with vision, belief and desire and above average self taught skills, i knew that i was going to create a Goalkeeping Academy one day that would implement vision & belief along with proper fundamentals and functional training.  I wanted to help goalkeepers by giving them what i didn't have (pro-training) but incorporate what i did have (belief, vision, desire).  Skills & talent alone will only take you so far.  Skills, talent, desire, commitment coupled with vision and belief can take you where you want to go.  Welcome to Olympic GK Academy where we don't talk about Goalkeeper Development, we DO IT!"  Andreas Papakostas     

Coach Andreas Papakostas featured in Greek Newspaper -Spor tou Vora in 1995

oGKa Motto:

100% Effort, Every Drill, Every Session, Every Practice, Every Time!

Coach Andreas Papakostas instructing the importance of the goalkeeper session
Olympic GK Academy logo

Constantly creating and offering the very best in goalkeeper development training, education and mentorship at every session, every level, everytime all while being a valuable resource for high level opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. 

Coach Andreas Papakostas
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