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Increase Your Vertical Jump Program by OGKA

How to Improve Your Vertical Jump

In 2 Weeks!

The Competitive Advantage Especially for Goalkeepers Under 6 Feet Tall!

There are many great goalkeepers that are being overlooked by college coaches and at the Pro level due to the discrimination of height.  In these coaches mind, you are already behind the 8 ball.  NO MORE!  We are going to WOW them with your explosiveness, your ability to jump HIGH despite your height and make them RECONSIDER!  

This 2 week program is open to all athletes that want to improve on their jump height, lateral movement and have quicker/stronger reactions.  

Although this is designed specific to help Goalkeepers Increase their Vertical Jump, many who use this program in other sports will be able to benefit just as much.  

(Volleyball Players, Basketball Players, Football Players) 

Marcos Papakostas

Marcos P.

"I was able to increase my jump by 6.5 inches after i finished the 2 week program.  After doing it again 4 weeks later, i added an additional 4 inches to my jump height.  That's a total of just over 1 foot!  What was even more noticeable was my endurance with my club practice and how quicker i was in all areas of goalkeeping."

alex engh

Alex E.

"After 14 days, i measured my height again and it increased by 11.5 inches.  I want to thank you so much coach for the program, i am quicker and more explosive then i ever was."

dylan mapston

Dylan M.

"I decided to check my vertical jump after 10 days on the program because i was feeling strong and felt light on my feet.  I was shocked to see that i increased my jump by 6 inches.  My total increase of my jump after the 2 week program was 7 inches!"

Keslsey Deck OGKA

Kelsey D.

"I was able to increase my vertical jump by 5.5 inches after completing this program.  The exercises were easy to complete with little or no equipment and space needed!  The exercises were challenging and also provided a good source of conditioning.  I will definitely be repeating this program every few months.  This program is a GAME CHANGER especially being a college goalkeeper at 5'6.  It will have tremendous payoffs!"

Adam Lansdown

Adam L.

"Before i started this program, my vertical jump measured at 28 inches.  After completing the 2 week program, my vertical jump measured at 35.5 inches.  That is just over 7 inches.  During the 2 weeks of the progrma, i was also noticing being quicker, light on my feet with an extra spring"

  • Don't need lots of space

  • Don't need much of any equipment

  • You need commitment

  • Full program printable PDF

  • 13 individual videos

  • Don't need to download videos

  • Execute the 2 week program as often as you like throughout the year. 

personal trainer

You can hire a personal trainer for 13 sessions at $50 a session = $650

Online program

You can purchase an online specialized workout that is not specific for Goalkeepers and not created by a Goalkeeper or Athletic Trainer for  $189


Purchase our INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL JUMP   program designed and created by a Professional Goalkeeper, Professional GK Coach & Trainer, Athletic Trainer and Performance Specialist 

Vertical Jump program by ogka

Not $129

Not $99

Purchase for Only $79


PDF Full Printable Program

Warm Up & Stretching

Daily Descriptive Individual Videos

Accessible 24/7

Nothing to Download

YES!  I am ready for my 2 week workout!
I am ready to increase my vertical jump!

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