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Kelsey Deck

"I have been working with Coach Andreas for 4 years and has helped me develop into a top goalkeeper.  When i started working with him, i had a good base but he found things that could be fixed to elevate my game.  He picked out little but major technical aspects that no other goalkeeper coach addressed.  He gets me motivated to work beyond 100%.  He has a lot of energy and it creates such a positive environment that i am not afraid to make errors.  He doesn't allow me to dwell on my errors.  The drills i do with Coach Andreas are like no other training i have been too."

Kelsey D. - MRL, Aurora University/Div III

"My daughter started training with Coach Andreas 3 years ago.  She was receiving keeper training at her club and because her goal is to play at a high level in college, we seeked stronger training for Kelsey.  Same old drills every time for everyone was getting boring and unchallenged for Kelsey with your club goalkeeping so we seeked training by Coach Andreas.  The first session, he evaluated her skills, knew her strengths & weaknesses and immediately begin to work on her weaknesses.  He is one of the most motivating coaches we have come across.  If a skill is not mastered or a mistake is made, there is no yelling just true coaching on how to correct it.  My daughter's confidence as a goalkeeper has skyrocketed.  Coach Andreas worked with Kelsey's interpersonal skills and leadership skills.  His training is intense but also functional and customized.  We are very fortunate to have found Coach Andreas."

MOM of Kelsey D. 

"I have been training with Coach Andreas since 2011.  His training is different and provides a heavy focus on making sure the fundamentals of the technical components are done right and automatic.  He has helped me get out of slumps by working with my mindset.  His trainings are intense and always pushes me.  I have been able to develop to a high level and have been selected to ODP as the top 3 goalkeeper for my age group for 2 years in a row and have accepted a scholarship offer to play Div II with Lewis University."  

                                                                        William M. - ODP, Lewis University/Div II

"I have known Coach Andreas since 2011 when my son started attending Coach Andreas's soccer clinics.  William has played goalkeeper much of the time with Andreas's travel club for the past 6 years and has been involved in all the GK camps and private training sessions.  William works extremely hard and has had tremendous improvement under Coach Andreas.  He has attended other GK camps and no camp addresses fundamentals & technique better than Coach Andreas.  He is great with preparing the GK mentally and Will loves that he has trust in him in difficult situations.  Coach Andreas has a philosophy, 100% effort, every drill, every time, and HE MEANS IT.  It is a sincere joy to watch my son develop over the past 9 total years under Coach Andreas."  

FATHER of William M.

William Maurice
Hannah Parish

"I am glad i was able to be trained by Coach Andreas during my high school career.  He has helped me get to the level i wanted to be.  I now play at Baylor University, Division I, and i never forgot the importance of the fundamentals i was taught by Coach Andreas.  He is honestly one of the best trainers i have ever had.  He is very knowledgeable and customized each training session specifically for me.  Coach Andreas helped me excel at my positional strengths while working on my weaknesses.  His trainings are intense, high paced and very functional.  He was also very encouraging and truly cared about my development as a goalkeeper.  I have had many goalkeeper trainers throughout my career and i can confidently say, Coach Andreas is one of the very best.  He has helped me grow the most as a goalkeeper but also as a person by inspiring me to play at the highest level i can.  I have been part of the ODP program for two years and earned two State Team honors and a Regional Pool honor."

Hannah P. - MRL, ODP, Baylor University/Div I


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Marcos P. - Ottawa University Goalkeeper/NAIA

Marcos Papakostas Extension Dive
Nicole Varga

"We found Coach Andreas by chance on the internet while searching for goalkeeper training camps in Illinois.  We have a daughter (played U12 at the time) that is a full-time keeper for her competitive travel club.  She attended the 2016 winter GK camp for advanced keepers.  IT WAS FABULOUS!  The training is limited to a small group, which allows Coach Andreas the time to provide individual feedback and correction to ensure each keeper is learning and applying proper technique to the core skills.  Coach Andreas is able to quickly assess strengths along with areas for improvement.  His drills are fast-paced, meaning there is no standing idle for long periods.  He stresses physical endurance because the hardest saves for a keeper are those that come at the end of games when they are tired or not tested.  Drills are intentionally repetitive to build muscle memory of how to execute a skill correctly and over time result in the keeper to not think and do it automatically.  After this 3-hour camp, our daughter knew she had improved her skills and wanted to continue working with Coach Andreas.  We spoke with him and scheduled 1:1 trainings during the Spring season.  Coach Andreas continued to build our daughter's skills throughout these 3 1:1 sessions to ensure she was fundamentally sound and using proper technique and positioning within her 6 yard box area before introducing the next phase of situational training for breakaways, corners, crosses, etc.  The great thing about Coach Andreas is that he develops a training plan based on what he sees in the individual in terms of their personality, mental acuity for the game, and athletic ability to help them realize their maximum potential.  All of the hard work paid off in an excellent season for our daughter and her team.  She even saved 2 penalty kicks!  Nicole continues to train with Coach Andreas throughout the year.  He has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge of the game and the GK position.  He is positive and motivating, encouraging his keepers to give 100%.  He is a positive influence for our daughter and that is huge. There are closer training options for us, but we choose to drive 90 minutes one way to train with Coach Andreas because we feel he offers world-class instruction at a very competitive rate compared to larger organizations.   

MOM of Nicole V. - MRL & ODP 

"Both of my boys have been super fortunate to have the highest level of coaching for the last few years while we lived in California, one of our biggest concerns with moving out to Illinois was to ensure that the amount of trainings and quality of trainings doesn’t take a step back. Both Austin and Connor made it clear to both my wife and I that this was super important.  While the boys continue to train with their new club that has an excellent goal keeping program, both boys wanted to train even more. Moving to a new area and finding the right solution isn’t always easy. I started reaching out to get both of our boys exposed to the soccer culture here and we started to network within the soccer circles.  Andreas name was provided to me with much praise.  From the very first camp they have attended to the private sessions that both boys have done individually both Austin and Connor have made huge improvements in the short period of time they have had with Andreas.  Andreas has been the supplemental coach to feed my boys needs of wanting more.  Andreas shows compassion for the position and his energy and style lead to quick results.  Andreas is also a teacher of the “why” and quizzes the boys for retention and understanding.  Both boys are looking to continue to work with Andreas and continue to build the upon there skills to take them to the next level.  Andreas you have made the move worth it…other than the cold =)

Thank You from the Waite Family!!!


Austin W. - MRL, ECNL, ENPL, ODP Illinois

Connor W. - MRL, ECNL, ENPL, ODP Illinois

Jeff and Jill W.

connor waite
connor waite

"Coach Andreas is one of the best coaches i have worked with.  He has helped me tremendously since my first training session with him.  I have noticed a huge difference in my goalkeeping and i have made saves that i didn't know i could make.  Without his training, i would be an average keeper.  He makes me work super hard and he encourages me to keep going even when i am tired.  he pushes me to the level he thinks i should be at and i am grateful for it.  If it wasn't for his trainings, i wouldn't be able to do any of the things he has taught me to focus on." 

Hailey W. - ECNL, Varsity High School Goalkeeper

"My daughter Hailey has trained, and continues to train with Coach Andreas for a couple of years now, and he has helped develop my daughter into a top goalkeeper for her club.  We first found Coach Andreas a couple of years ago when we lost our keeper coach at our travel soccer club.  Hailey was fairly new at the GK position, and really wanted to learn how to become a better goalkeeper.  From her first private session with Coach Andreas, we say improvements INSTANTLY!  I think it was one of the hardest, thorough trainings she has ever had, and i have never seen her more excited to work with a coach than she has with Coach Andreas.  He is able to train and teach her to do things that she never thought she could do especially with her extension of her dives.  He stands out as a coach because he is very advanced, hard-working, always has a positive attitude, and has a caring approach with kids.  Hailey has thrived under his coaching methods, and my daughter is ten times the goalkeeper that she was before she started training with him.  When we met Coach Andreas, Hailey was a D level goalkeeper, today she plays at for an ECNL team."  

MOM of Hailey W.

"I wish i would have trained with Coach Andreas when i was younger.  I had the chance to train with Coach Andreas for over 1 year when i came to the United States.  I never experienced this type of intense and specific GK training.  We was able to strengthen my weaknesses and change my ready position in a short period of time.  Coach Andreas is the best goalkeeper trainer i have worked with.  We need his energy and his knowledge in Egypt"

Wael M. - Professional Goalkeeper/National Team Egypt

Wael mohammed
Kye Macphail

My son decided he wanted to become a keeper last year at U12. He spent the year attending keeper training with his club, which helped, but when he decided he wanted to commit to being a full time keeper he knew he needed more individual training.  I asked for recommendations from coaches that I trust, and was told that Andreas was the best.  After the first training with Andreas, Kye was so excited he begged for more trainings. I have seen not only an improvement in his skill, but also his confidence.  I love watching his trainings; the way coach explains everything to him, pushes him to work harder, and tries to instill muscle memory and reflex.  It's also fun to take him to his older brothers games and have him critique the keepers, "Coach Andreas says....." 


MOM of Kye M. 

Coach Andreas has helped me a lot!  He has corrected my mistakes and has helped me understand what I need to do to get better.  I like that he asks me what I can do better.  His trainings are tough but a lot of fun!


Kye M. - CFJW 

"The difference between OGKA training and any other training I have been to has to do with the style and rigor. While I have had my fair share of the nitty-gritty, exhausting trainings, oftentimes I leave those training sessions tired and come back the next day to do it all over again with no improvement. With OGKA, I can feel myself getting better by the end of the session, and even after 8 years of training, I'm always learning something new or better. The passion and knowledge is high level.  I owe a lot of my growth as an athlete to these guys and greatly appreciate their work."  

                                  Atlanta K. - Webber International University Goalkeeper/NAIA


atlanta kishbaugh
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