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Film for your College Coaches

Your Highlight Video needs to be your best representation of you as a Goalkeeper!  Whether it is to send to College Coaches or to Academies and Pro Coaches/Agents, the Highlight Video can be your initial foot in the door for a conversation or an invitation.  There is alot of noise on what you should have on your video and how it should be done.  It is not difficult if you have the right recipe.  

Film for your college coaches

How to Film?  What camera?  What angle?
How long should the video be? How to edit?  What software? What do i put in the video? 
Do i use music? Where to i upload it? 
What year do we start recording?

video analysis pic.jpg

OGKA - 1

I don't know where to start!  Please help me!



marco gk.jpg

OGKA - 2

I have an idea or I started the process but need help!


marco jump.jpg

OGKA - 3

Just looking for feedback on my finished Highlight Video!



Want a Professional to analyse your strengths & weaknesses? 
Send us one or 2 of your 1-hour training videos for us to review.  We will provide you detailed feedback via video conference.

$65 (1 Training Video)
$90 (2 Training Videos) 


Want Professional feedback on one of your Matches?  Send us 2 videos of your matches for us to review.  We will break down your decision making and your execution in all 5 elements of being a goalkeeper via video conference.


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